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  • Automated shipping process, choice of shipping carriers with best rates, shipping from Merchant warehouse location.
  • Merchants can grow their business by offering customers on demand, express & standard delivery.
  • Get pre-negotiated heavily discounted shipping rates
  • Safe and Easy return process
  • Secure COD (Cash on Delivery) management.
  • Wiz expert customer service is always available to resolve any logistics fulfilment and last mile issues.
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Business growth

Give your business a boost with a team of expert growth hackers and merchant success managers as dedicated consultants for your brand.

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Payment and
Cash Management

You can give your customers multiple payment solutions to choose from, such as paying online, credit/debit card on delivery and cash on delivery.

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Content Creation
and Photo shooting

Enhance the aesthetic look and feel your online shop with photoshoots and content created especially for you.

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Digital Advertising
and Customer Acquisition

Digital advertising, customer acquisition, CRM, email marketing, latest analytical tools at your behest that will optimize your marketing efforts and assure maximum ROI.

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WizShops is integrated with WizExpress, offering
seamless payments and logistics services,
making it a holistic solutions provider.

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